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This year we are celebrating Classic Clock Kits' Silver Jubilee. Well over a thousand of our clocks have been made and are on display in homes all over the world.

From time to time we have participated in international and local Model Engineer and Clock exhibitions, and on occasion have been able to give customers the opportunity to put their clocks on show to the public and to compete for awards.

We are interested in submissions from kit builders who have embellished or adapted a kit in some attractive or interesting manner.

The rationale behind our kits is that half of the total time and cost in building a well-presented clock is in the hand finishing; commercial polishing (or Black and Decker) rounds the edges! A major feature of our kits is that all of the components are fully machined. This means that whatever time and effort can be afforded to the building of a clock, it can be devoted entirely to the finishing processes – and, given the quality of the engineering, it is the finishing that determines the appearance of the end result.

This means that the appeal of a Classic Clock kit is not confined only to those who do not have engineering skills. Many skilled engineers have bought our kits with a view to saving time on the basic construction of a skeleton clock so that they can devote their energy and skills to some particular adaptation, such as a specialised escapement. So, if you have done something interesting with one of our kits, please share it.

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